Olina Stuka

Sportwaffen K9

Cero Jivo
Cero Jivo IPO3, Kkl1
Born: December 16, 2009

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Here's a video of Cero Jivo IPO2, Kkl1. Enjoy!

Cero Jivo IPO2, Kkl1
Cero Cero Cero

The one and only, the Lycan; Cero Jivo IPO2, Kkl1

Cero daughter with Uma von den Sportwaffen IPO1, Genevieve von den Sportwaffen. Tremendous bitch!

Genevieve von den Sportwaffen
Genevieve von den Sportwaffen
HD a-normal, ED a-normal
Born: August 02, 2016
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Two young sons of Cero Jivo IPO2, Kkl1
Cero Cero

More info coming soon on Cero Jivo, a truly world class quality male!!!!

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