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Sportwaffen K9

Jenny von der Langerts
Jenny von der Langerts SchH1
HD a-normal, ED a-normal
Born: December 15, 2004
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Jenny was imported into the US from Hagenmuhle kennels in Germany. She is linebred 4-4 on the legendary BSP competitor and breeder V Fero vom Zeuterner Himmelreich SchH3, FH, Kkl1. Her father is 4xBSP SG Basko Vorderlintal SchH3, IPO3, FH, son of BSP V Aly vom Vordersteinwald, SchH3, FH2. She then continues to Fero through one of his most influential sons, the 3xBSP V Troll von der bosen Nachbarschaft SchH3. Her mother line returns on other high drive producers Joker vom Erlenbusch SchH3, IPO3, and BSP Crok vom Erlenbusch SchH3. Looking at a 7 generation pedigree we see handfuls of Bundessiegerprufung stock, with an amazing V performance an unbelievable 30 times! To say this is an impressive working pedigree is an understatement.

Jenny has substantial bone and a beautiful body. Her headpiece and overall build is very masculine and her coloring is exceptional. A pleasure to the eye and impressive in the work, Jenny brings much to our breeding program and will continue her titles in between breedings.

Watch the video below to see the fight drive and power Jenny brings to the field.

Jenny bitework video

Jenny Jenny



Here's a peek at the type of awesome head and bone that Jenny produces in her puppies. This is a female puppy from the 2008 breeding with Sunshadow's Caine SchH1 and Jenny von der Langerts SchH1.

Here are a couple of six week old littermates from the 2009 breeding with SG1 Stuka vom Enckhausen SchH3, IPO3, FH, Kkl1, HOT and Jenny von der Langerts SchH1:

Here's some videos of a 4 month old male from the Caine x Jenny breeding doing foundation work for schutzhund that his new owner sent me. Still very young, but already showing very nice drives, excellent gripping, strong barking, and super intensity.

Here's a video of the same male a few weeks older from the Caine x Jenny breeding doing foundation work for schutzhund tracking. I'd say he's well on his way.

This is a picture of that same male at 14 months of age with now very strong natural aggression. Enno von den Sportwaffen is from the breeding with Sunshadow's Caine SchH1 and Jenny von der Langerts SchH1.

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